June 5

SEO Hosting

Everybody needs a helping hand. A business will more likely succeed if you can gather all the help available. In cases such as search engine optimization hosting, a lot of websites promise to hand you wonderful sales on a silver platter. Don’t be deceived. Remember, you have invested a lot of things to start your business. What you need to do is place your industry on the top of the food chain, not feed it to the predators. Before grabbing the first hand that approaches you, be responsible and identify if the hand in question will really help you get up or it will just pull you down.

First of all, exert the needed effort. Familiarize your self with the basic terms in SEO hosting. Believe me. You will need this to scrutinize the hosting sites with regards to the services they offer. It will also be useful to choose a host with customer support. Once you have chosen a host that you think will satisfy your needs, check its background. Are the good offers only superficial and there is no depth? By this point, you can join forums and ask others about their experience with the host. If most of them say that the service is good, you will feel more at ease with paying. This will steps will take you one step closer to a successful business.

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February 20

Dog ear infection

Ever since I started living alone in a city apartment, I realized how valuable it is to have someone who can accompany you in lonely times. Often the loneliness is more a matter of emotional rather than physical need. Since childhood, I had had the fortune of living in a fun filled large family which also comprised of our two pet dogs. This is what gave me the idea of having a pet dog to help me through this new experience of life.

Trying to make a career is in itself a daunting task sometimes and having to deal with pangs of loneliness is only going to affect it in a much worse way. My pet dog has become a source of happiness for me and the plan seems to be working just fine. Although, what I did not realize earlier is how much goes into taking care of a pet. In a large family, the responsibilities are divided and since I always had elders in my home, there were no crisis left for me to handle. Now, this was certainly not the case in the city. The first pet crisis that I had to face all by myself is when my dog caught dog ear infection.

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February 7

How to reduce a fever

My childhood memory of facing fever comprises of me tucked in the bed while my mother or father sat next to me and placed an ice cold piece of cloth or a small towel on my forehead. They usually continued with this exercise for quite some time, sometimes around half an hour. This was done until my forehead seemed to return to normal temperature and did not feel hot as it felt when my body temperature was very high. This is usually my first tip whenever someone asks me how to reduce a fever.

The other way to bring body temperature down is passing out the heat form the body in the form of urine so make sure that you drink a lot of fluids, either plain water or if you want to make it a tasty option for a kid or even for an adult, add some glucose powder to it. Luckily, now the glucose powder is available in many flavors and you have a lot of options to choose from. Sweating naturally is also considered a good way of regulating the body temperature. This was the reason I was usually tucked in the bed and the fans were turned off so that I could sweat the fever out of my system.

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December 30

Jobs for 14 year olds

There had been many times in my life when I looked at my 12 year old and thought wow; he is growing up so fast. Some of the things he said would make me think that he understands responsibility and definitely knows what he is doing. Whenever he put his mind to something, he did it quite well. So, when he turned 14 and came to me to ask if he can take up a job to get some extra pocket money, I was not surprised at all. I told him that he can do it but not for financial reasons.

Being a recruiter myself, I understand the skills that employers are looking for and I thought it was time to introduce him to how to use this opportunity to prepare himself for his future. If instead of looking at the money, he looked at utilising this time to understand what skills he could get to learn, even if it was a simple part time job role at a retail store which required him to re-stock empty shelves, he could actually lay a strong foundation at putting it all in his CV to increase his chances of selection at better jobs for 14 year olds as he gained more experience.

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June 30

husky air compressor

Usually a manual with instructions is provided so that you understand how a product works and how to use it best. Nevertheless, there are many products that after using them for years, we just become comfortable enough to ignore the manual. This only happens if the manufacturer is able to maintain consistent quality of the product and assurance of quick service in case things go wrong. With husky air compressor, you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you sign up for.

So, if you understand the mechanical descriptions, you will know that these compressors are the best in terms of variety and the quality of products that they offer. Doing a quick survey of the market, you will find many who can vouch for the quality since they have used the product. One of the things that might feel a bit odd is the weight of the portable model. Now, many manufacturers provide portable models which are lighter than this one but more than the weight, the focus with this brand is on the quality of service that you are getting. I am sure you will not mind the weight if you are getting a long term good return.

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March 30


Is it too early to comment on bitcoins? Most of the experts shall agree. I think this is because the prematurity stems from the lack of facts that we have on what exactly the global impact of this amazing conception in the realm of money could be. The final result is yet to be seen, if anything this is just the initial phase which comprises of introduction. This is evident from the low number of businesses throughout the world who have taken it their wing and have opened the doors to customers who are willing to pay in this currency only.

There are very few websites (I say few although they must be thousands, because the base or the total number of websites in the world is a big number to be compared with) which provide the facility to its shoppers. There are many myths surrounding this new trend and these are further fueling the ‘ifs and buts’ related to the actual usability of this currency and its existence over a long period of time. The growth till now has been unprecedented and not what anyone had expected. If the brief past is some indication, I see that there is much more to come.

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